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No Bookies. No Odds.

Sports Betting, the Crypto Way!

Got a strong hunch who’ll win the game, but never done any betting? You are not alone. Between bookies and sportsbooks, betting is hard and stacked against you in favor of the house.

Enter Crypto Carlo. Using Event Based Cryptography and Web3, Crypto Carlo enables sports betting without the need for bookies or odds. Betting that is simple and provably fair.

Intrigued? Sign up and get 1000 betting points* free!

*Crypto Carlo’s points are for entertainment only and have NO monetary value.

Crypto Carlo’s Event Locked Predictions

Your predictions are digitally certified and cryptographically locked until the bet’s expiration time.

Built as distributed Apps (dApps), Crypto Carlo is transparent, provably fair and secure. What that means is that you can bet with ease in a level betting field.


Choose bets to bet on

Baseball fan? Football fan? Cricket, perhaps? Oh, Soccer! Choose from Crypto Carlo’s many bets to bet on.

Add a wager

Add a wager—the number of points you are willing to stake on your prediction. Your prediction is digitally certified and encrypted with the bet’s event-token.

Track on the blockchain

Cyrpto Carlo’s event tokens, crypto keys, bets and wagers are attested on Crypto Carlo’s Blockchain → , enabling anyone to verify that Crypto Carlo is fair and cheat-proof.

Bet early, bet often!

Many bets are time-weighted which means that earlier bettors win more than later bettors. If you change your prediction—or want to increase your wager—you can also bet again.


Event token opens predictions

When a bet’s event token expires, it releases the cryptographic key that opens all predictions for the bet.


Those who predict the correct outcome simply share the total points wagered, weighted by their respective wagers. No shady middlemen or complicated odds to master.

Early birds get more worms ...

If the bet is time-weighted, then the winner’s awards are weighted by their wagers and the duration of their bets. That simple.

Social and peer-to-peer

Coming soon: Create your own interesting bets. Throw them open to the public or invite just your friends. Build a following. Collect commmissions!

Crypto Carlo: Frequently asked questions*

How does event-locking work?
Crypto Carlo’s patent-pending technology uses cryptography to create an “event gulf” during which your prediction is scrambled and unreadable. But it also creates an “event bridge” that serves as proof that your prediction has not been altered during the event gulf.
Who determines the outcome of events?
Every bet has an organizer who names an authoritative source that is used to determine the outcome of the event being bet on. For example, NBA’s official website serves as the source for determining the winner of NBA games.
Can I lose when I predict the right outcome?
No. If you make the right call, your wager is returned to you in full. The losers’ wagers are split among the winners in proportion to how much each winner wagered. If there are many winners, you may not not win much, but you’ll never lose when you bet right.
What is a time-weighted bet?
Many bets—particularly longer-term bets—tend to be time weighted (which is clearly marked in the rules of the bet). With such bets, the losers’ wagers are distributed to the winners weighted by their wagers and the duration of their bet.
What if I run out of points?
We will soon be introducing other mechanisms by which you can earn points. In the meanwhile, your free points are meant to give you a headstart with Crypto Carlo.
Does Crypto Carlo depend on Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies?
No. Crypto Carlo uses cryptography for locking your predictions and uses blockchain and dApps that are also used by cryptocurrencies. But Crypto Carlo does NOT depend on or require cryptocurrencies.

*Crypto Carlo’s points are for entertainment only and have NO monetary value.

I am an avid baseball fan, but I’ve never bet before. Crypto Carlo is so easy and fun. I’ve told some of my friends about Crypto Carlo and we’ve been betting on baseball games.

Judy Kopel
Occupational Therapist

I’ve been playing the sportsbooks for years and know that only the bookies win. With Crypto Carlo, I know that nobody can manipulate the odds since noone can see what people are betting on.